Garner Headjoints

After years of research and experimentation, the first Garner Headjoint was unveiled in 2009. Today, Garner Headjoints are being played by musicians and enjoyed by audiences all around the world. We like to think that Theobold Boehm and Albert Cooper would both be very pleased.

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Garner Silver-Plated Headjoint

Improved intonation and easier to play and control, especially for beginners.

Garner Sterling Silver Headjoint

Nice clear full sound.

Garner Sterling Silver Headjoint with 14K Riser

Solid core and depth of sound.

Garner Niobium Headjoint

Niobium provides a full range of tone colors and dynamics without the darkness or extreme edge that the Tantalum can produce. It is Tantalum’s brother and is lighter in weight and a little easier to handle. The tube is made of niobium. The lip plate, wall, crown and Power Bands are all made of solid sterling silver.

Garner Tantalum Headjoint

Range of dynamics and tone colors are limitless.

Garner 14K Rose Gold Headjoint

Warm, rich color palette and full tone.